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It's been a while

2012-02-25 18:13:49 by xXDaphatfriarXx

I have been working on a flash, I wont tell what it is though :3

Also, Skyrims


2011-06-05 00:35:24 by xXDaphatfriarXx

just.... trolls....



Doesn't this look DELISH?


2011-05-15 22:08:40 by xXDaphatfriarXx

Woooooooooooooooooooo comments :D


since my last comment on one of my posts

I've put up at least 10 posts

We don't need your democracy

2011-05-07 10:27:14 by xXDaphatfriarXx

execute them kindly for me..

We don't need your democracy

Yesterday on xbox...

2011-05-06 19:05:56 by xXDaphatfriarXx

I was playing some Bad Co 2 and somehow got trolled by a 14 year old girl....

from myself (please don't judge ;P) anyway's I've been disappointed with animations I've made on this site. But I'm just not really motivated.... then I saw... that you can make M-M-MULAH? yep, I'm back into the business

Well, I've been taking beatings...

Currently in a collab

2010-12-29 15:55:43 by xXDaphatfriarXx

I got into the Troll Physics collab, pretty cool seeing as it's my first collab :)

In a collab

2010-12-18 23:47:03 by xXDaphatfriarXx